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The convenience of online. The excellence of The University of Texas at Austin.

Online General Education Classes from an Accredited Online University

Full-time students go further online

You may not be attending The University of Texas at Austin on campus, but you can still have it on your transcript. With accredited online university course offerings from the College of Liberal Arts, you can:

  • Fulfill the credits you need in a time slot that fits your schedule
  • Learn in a dynamic, online environment with up-to-the-minute content – LIVE or ON DEMAND
  • Take online general education classes from home, without having to commute or park on campus (Certain classes may entail proctored exams available at multiple locations.)
  • Benefit from world-class professors who are among the best in their fields

Online general education classes with a Longhorn twist

Have you always wanted to see what a freshman or sophomore course is like at a major, world-class university? Experience it yourself with accredited university courses direct from the leading university in Texas. These intro-level classes can show you what it takes to succeed through an online learning model that is totally new. These courses are not easy, but they’re set up for success with features such as:

  • Broadcast-quality streaming video lectures
  • Progress reports based on frequent quizzes and tests
  • Interactive activities such as chat rooms, online polling and discussion boards
  • Opportunities for feedback from the instructor or teaching assistants
  • Free or low-cost course materials including your choice of printed or online versions
  • The accountability of showing up for class with a group of your peers
  • The quality of a live classroom without actually having to be on campus

What’s really different about online general education classes from The University of Texas at Austin vs. other online programs? These courses offer instructional design innovations from a premier university that you just can’t get from another brick-and-mortar institution or another accredited online university. Our online courses offer you:

  • A whole new level of interactivity – Ditch the idea of an online course as a solitary experience. Our custom technology makes these online courses highly social, with interactive activity and chat among students and between students and teachers.
  • Top-notch instruction from the best teachers – These professors are published researchers in their fields and opinion leaders who are sought after in the public and the media for their expertise.
  • Engaging, relevant course materials – Our teachers generate excellent course content based on years of tenure, connections in their fields, current events and feedback from past students.

Renowned professors. Engaging, interactive course content. High-caliber classmates. Do you have what it takes to be a successful virtual college student? Prove it to yourself.